JT's Painting & Renovations, LLC

Custom Tree Houses

For over 10 years, JT's Painting & Renovations, LLC has been supplying the O'Fallon, MO area with high-quality, custom-made treehouses. Our growing success cannot only be attributed to our craftsmanship and competitive rates, but also our commitment to complete customer satisfaction. For us, the most important aspect of the construction is the initial conversation we have with you. Our team is excited to learn your unique vision, so we can make it a reality. We understand that a treehouse is no ordinary playground, but a sky-high getaway for children and adults alike.

Safety first

When it comes to treehouses, safety is extremely important. We take the time to consider the year, health, type, and shape of the host tree. A sturdy tree is integral for a well-supported platform. Unlike the foundation of a regular house, which is a flat, concrete slab, each tree house's foundation is different. We allow the trees abstract form to become the blueprint for the design, while at the same time do our best to incorporate your particular vision.

Hunting Blinds

Missouri offers some of the best turkey and deer hunting in the mid-west. Our team is honored to build high-quality hunting blinds for O'Fallon, MO hunters. We have the utmost respect for the sport and understand the thrill and excitement that comes with a successful hunt. We know that your success as a hunter depends greatly on our ability to provide you with an effective hunting blind. To ensure that you bag your buck, every hunting blind we build has our client in mind. We take the time to consider your hunting style to make sure the construction is the proper size and shape.

Bag your buck

When it comes to hunting, invisibility is key. Store-bought, pop-up blinds are convenient, but rarely do they look like part of the landscape. We only use the highest quality materials available to make sure the hunting blind blends seamlessly with the environment to reduce the chance of detection. Every hunting blind we build not only keeps you hidden and conceals your scent and movement, but also protects you from the harsh elements of wind, rain, and snow.